Classes for Women

Taekwondo for Women

There are more women who participate in Taekwondo than any other Martial Art. By accentuating a woman's natural physical strength in her legs, knees, and elbows, she can use her entire body as a weapon. This provides women with a method of self-defense that can be used effectively against a larger opponent. In addition to the self-defense aspect, Taekwondo offers an excellent physical workout that helps shape and tone. The safety and fitness rewards obtained by a well rounded Taekwondo program cannot be obtained in just an ordinary fitness regimen.

Self-Defense for Women

How to avoid rape, attacks, and domestic violence. Learn strategies for personal safety and what to do if you should be attacked. Develop inner strength and gain self-confidence. All by learning simple, yet effective self defense tactics. Combined with cardio-fitness exercises which will help improve general fitness, flexibility, and stamina.